Best Airbrush Cleaner for Acrylic Paint Review of 2023

Another brilliant thing that will bring your work to reality is to airbrush it with acrylic paint. Acrylics come in both dark and translucent varieties, making them flexible. Best Airbrush cleaner for acrylic paint has been used in various ways, from ‘ready’ colors to hollowing their down oneself.

All you need to know about airbrush cleaner for acrylic paints have been included at the end of this article in the form of very great information. I’ve compiled a list of some of my preferences—top-rated airbrush cleaner for acrylic painting to assist you in making your decision.

Can I use acrylic paint in an airbrush?

Acrylic Paint: Stroke Volume Acrylics are suitable for use with an airbrush. Golden creates a fantastic Airbrush Medium that has been used to thin acrylic paints. Any paint with particle size (which have made of natural solvents) can clog your airbrush and always check the purity when muddying color.

Top Rated 9 Best Airbrush Cleaner for Acrylic Paint: Reviews

NameBrandSizeLatest Price
Iwata-Medea Airbrush Cleaner 32 ozIWATA-MEDEA Inc32 ozBuy on Amazon
U.S. Art Supply – Airbrush CleanerU.S. Art Supply12 ozBuy on Amazon
Best black: Aux Airbrush Cleaner Vallejo200 MillilitersBuy on Amazon
Acrylic Paint Thinner for Slow DryingIMPRESA8 Fluid OuncesBuy on Amazon
Best reducing needle friction: 4 oz Airbrush LubricantImpresa3.98 ouncesBuy on Amazon
Best sized: Createx Colors 5618 Airbrush Cleaner 32ozCreatex Colors 32oz. Buy on Amazon
Best ultra blue: Golden High Flow Acrylic CleanerGolden Artist Colors29 MillilitersBuy on Amazon
Best Paasche Airbrushes: 1 X Airbrush Cleaner 8 Oz for IwataCreatex Colors8 ozBuy on Amazon
Best powerful: Master Airbrush cleanerAir CompressorPowerful 1/5hp Single PistonBuy on Amazon

Best sized bottle: Iwata-Medea Airbrush Cleaner 32 oz

Best sized bottle Iwata-Medea Airbrush Cleaner 32 oz

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A weak solvent is appropriate for moisture airbrush paints. I suggest Iwata-Medea Airbrush Cleaner for this purpose. This cleaner is a simple solution that is powerful enough to loosen dry acrylic paints while being gentle enough not to harm your airbrush. Since it’s pretty cheap, you won’t feel bad and using a lot of it.

Depending on the severity you need, you can use it clear or reduce it with water. For example, you can hold a bucket of air and airbrush cleaners solvent next to your setup for swapping colors. It dunks that riser, funnel, and front tip part into the fluid, swish this one around and rub it cleaner with a dry rag.

Its characteristics have A high-strength, all-purpose cleaner that’s ideal for cleansing any airbrush or artist product that uses stencils or dyes. It cleans all types of airbrushes, as well as disposable and normal spray cans. It is ideal for steam cleaning scientific pens.

Secure for the environment and able to use. To improve paint flow and avoid tip burning, apply in the needle’s cap and around the pin.

Pros of Iwata-Medea Airbrush Cleaner

  • It has high tensile strength.
  • It’s ideal for cleaning every kind of airbrush.
  • Effluent water of technical pens is one of its specialties.
  • It keeps the tips from drying out.

Cons of Iwata-Medea Airbrush Cleaner

  • Exorbitant

Best tanning: U.S. Art Supply – Airbrush Cleaner

Best tanning: U.S. Art Supply - Airbrush Cleaner

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The U.S. Home Goods Ultimate Acrylic Airbrush Paint Set seems to be another acrylic airbrush paint for your choice. In comparison to the rest of the list, that’s a more expensive package. But, you will usually find someone complains about not getting enough better value for money. The 54 bottles given are an impressive feature. Twelve opaque colors, twelve translucent colors, twelve pearlescent white colors, and twelve secondary blurred colors are among the choices. The kit includes three bottles of airbrush spacer and an amplifier in response to the items mentioned above. Finally, there are 50 mix cups and mix poles included.

Here are so many colors to choose from. You can create almost any look you like with your paintwork. Remember that you can use the color matching wheel as a guide to producing colors that aren’t included in the box. This airbrush paint can work on lego sets, paper, metal, wood, and a few other difficult surfaces without a doubt. As a result, it’s a priceless weapon in a painter’s arsenal.

Painters can also work on infused surfaces with fear of their work ruined if the paint comes off. Painting use this set on a variety of textiles in the same way.

Pros U.S. Art Supply – Airbrush Cleaner

  • It works well with any water-based product.
  • Paintbrushes of natural hair
  • It does for watercolors.
  • It contains non-toxic ingredients.

Cons U.S. Art Supply – Airbrush Cleaner

  • Scale is insufficient

Best black: Aux Airbrush Cleaner 

Best black: Aux Airbrush Cleaner

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Acrylicos Vallejo is our third best brush cleaner. It was established in 2015 in New Jersey, United States of America. Its early years have been spent specializing in the development of colors for animated features. Paint for Model Plane The recipe includes a new acrylic resin with properties that have been difficult to achieve in an ocean acrylic.

Model Air outperforms every other acrylic for airbrushing in high resistance, stiffness, and covering strength. Model Air comes in a 17 ml bottle. Eyedropper in a glass. This packaging protects the paint against drying out in the bottle by preventing it from ejecting.

The powders used in airbrush colors have ground to achieve the best results. Colors may have blended or thinned out with water.

Pros Aux Airbrush Cleaner 

  • It contains 17 milliliters.
  • It prevents evaporation and drying.
  • The color is black.
  • The best material has been used.

Cons Aux Airbrush Cleaner 

  • Scale is more insufficient

Best slow drying medium: 8 oz Acrylic Paint Thinner for Slow Drying Acrylic Paints

Acrylic Paint Thinner for Slow Drying

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Our paints may have used alone or in conjunction with regular acrylics. They allow various new technologies and effects that would otherwise be difficult to achieve with acrylic paints. Slow reaction acrylic loses some of its slow drying attributes when thinned with water, negating the advantage of this color. That is why any artist who wants to use acrylic paint should have this acrylic paint stripper on hand.

Its characteristics are When used for both water; our Acrylic Paint Thinner aids in retaining paint’s mindsets. Connect this acrylic thinner to delayed acrylic polish up to a 25% dilution for best performance. It’s made to thin pigment without affecting the color value or consistency. It will slow down the drying time when used with – anti-drying paint.

Allows for a wider range of methods while also reducing waste from paint drying on the panel. Our acrylic paint thinner will not ask your paint to down. 

Pros of Acrylic Paint Thinner

  • Its Water-Based Odorless Additive
  • It’s a must for acrylics that take a long time to dry.
  • Non-curdling Formulation:
  • For Heavy-Bodied Retarder, Thin-Bodied Retarder

Cons of Acrylic Paint Thinner

  • High poundage

Best reducing needle friction: 4 oz Airbrush Lubricant

Best reducing needle friction: 4 oz Airbrush Lubricant

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Our non-silicone-based airbrush self-lubricating oil has intended to enhance airbrush performance while also extending the life of photoshop. This – anti-airbrush oil is ideal for use on all-electric sander metal pieces. It’s important to use metal grease oil on your eyebrow pencil to ensure that all metal parts and any iron action are safe. Our airbrush cleaning would also help to plug any air leaks that can occur in the airbrush. 

Its characteristics have Dry paint buildup in the airbrush causes blade friction. It has been eliminated with Airbrush Lubricating oil. This required lubricant for your airbrush lens cleaner will also improve control action, ensuring that everything. 

A minimal piece may also have applied to the airbrush tip to increase paint flow and avoid rough information. Our wider 4 oz bottle of photoshop cleaner can last forever, extending the life of your airbrush.

Pros of 4 oz Airbrush Lubricant

  • Essential Airbrush Accessory has included.
  • There Will Be No More Clogging
  • It has a long length.
  • Low cost

Cons of 4 oz Airbrush Lubricant

  • A poor selection of materials

Best sized: Createx Colors 5618 Airbrush Cleaner 32oz

Best sized: Createx Colors 5618 Airbrush Cleaner 32oz

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Createx Airbrush Cleaner is an ocean liquid cleaner used to clean paint off acrylic paint during such an art practice. It’s used to clean airbrush pieces after they’ve painted. Createx Airbrush Colors, Evil Colors, and Auto-Air Colors are all compatible with our cleaner.

Its characteristic is A water-based cleaner that has used as a rinse between colors while painting. After using dried powder, clean the airbrush and paint gun. its application Restorer Createx 4008

Our cleaner is not preferred when Intercoat has combined with Colors oils for flow enhancement. It rinses with the best performance Reducer. Our cleaner is a fantastic stress reliever. It is inexpensive, making it simple to locate.

Pros of Createx Colors 5618 Airbrush Cleaner

  • It is dependent on water.
  • 4012 High-Performance Reducer is a good option.
  • Improved adhesion and long-term stability
  • Its application Restorer Createx 4008

Cons of Createx Colors 5618 Airbrush Cleaner

  • Color isn’t great

Best ultra blue: Golden High Flow Acrylic Cleaner

Best ultra blue: Golden High Flow Acrylic Cleaner

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Since it includes high-flow acrylic colors, the Golden High Flow Acrylic Paint Set could be a good option. Furthermore, there are nine spray cans, each with a 1 oz strength. The entire package contains 10 oz of color.

The oils have used various artist tools, including several airbrush choices, as before mentioned. Since these paints are suitable for a wide range of mediums, including Golden shellac, you can screw them up to paint on wood or metal. Moreover, you can make a few more colors by combining the ones given, giving you more options with your package.

Finally, when you look at the exteriors of the paint jars, you’ll notice that each has a lightfastness rating. It will help you figure out how long paint colors can fade if you want to use them.

Lightfastness has been shown on all tenth bottles, so pigmentation shouldn’t be a surprise to consumers. Many painter’s tools are effective for high acrylic paints.

Pros of Golden High Flow Acrylic Cleaner

  • Ten 1 oz bottles in a package
  • Golden Acrylics are compatible.
  • It has used in almost any artist’s tool.
  • The ideal size

Cons of Golden High Flow Acrylic Cleaner

  • High cost

Best Paasche Airbrushes: 1 X Airbrush Cleaner 8 Oz for Iwata

Best Paasche Airbrushes: 1 X Airbrush Cleaner 8 Oz for Iwata

Check Price on Amazon

Createx Airbrush Paint Cleaner is a strong, all-purpose cleaner that has been used to clean any airbrush. any artist’s resources that include acrylics, watercolors, ink, toners, or dyes

It works with all airbrush styles, as well as synthetic and rational paintbrushes. It’s ideal for cleaning advanced pens with ultrasonic technology. This airbrush cleaner performs. 

You’ve tried a few similar acrylic paint suppliers and haven’t had any problems with any of them. It should be your first option wnen you have one.

Pros of Airbrush Cleaner 8 Oz for Iwata

  • It has high tensile strength.
  • Gouache for watercolors
  • Made in the United States of America
  • The color black

Cons of Airbrush Cleaner 8 Oz for Iwata

  • Duration is insufficient

Best powerful: Master Airbrush cleaner

Best powerful: Master Airbrush cleaner

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Model G22 Multi-Purpose Specialized Precision Epoxy paint with a one/ three tbsp. it has a gravity pressure cup, and a 1 mm free-flowing tip has included in this package. 1/8′′ fittings on a 6-foot ribbed air hose.

The Master Airbrush Model C16-B Black Min Wind Turbine is small, light, and easy to transport. It has an integrated on/off shutoff and generates 15 psi surface tension on demand, with the largest airflow of 25 psi. These economists assume “heat,” which means it turns off the air when it’s not in use. It even has an airbrush protector built-in!

This airbrush kit is awesome because it’s a perfect starter kit for rookies and pupils, as well as experienced artists. However, it fits well with those airbrushing products and plastic processing media. For your enjoyment, they often have a How-To reference. Their most famous mini hydraulic system is the Master Eyeshadow Air Pump Model C16-B!

It’s a versatile mini 1200 volt D.C. electric airbrush air generator with a direct 110 volt A.C. adapter that generates 0.4 Cfm of suction pressure and 10.5 enekwe of moving air. I suggest this one if you’re shopping for a lightweight, small, and affordable airbrush pack. This kit, than the one above, would not include paints or extra polishes.

Pros of Master Airbrush cleaner

  • For Students and Beginners
  • Most suitable for drawing
  • It has a high level of performance.
  • Low cost

Cons of Master Airbrush cleaner

  • High poundage

How to choose the best airbrush cleaner for acrylic paint?

Knowing the different styles of airbrush paints isn’t enough for selecting the right colors for airbrushing—identifying the intent, compliance of the stains, and coverage, and checking a few other boxes. Use the information below as a guide to avoiding making bad decisions.

The goal

There are many reasons why fine artists prefer watercolors to vehicle painters like urethanes. Put, these are the best airbrush paints for the job. As a result, the paint job you have now in mind will enjoy a specific airbrush color. Knowing what you’re painting and which paint is best for it will save you from buying drawings to paint your motorcycle and make other mistakes. Acrylics, in particular, are well-suited to porous and plastic surfaces.


The government also controls the use of airbrush paints. If you’re a hobbyist in Colorado, for example, you can use up to a ton of urethane-based color with no negative consequences. Attempting to exceed the cap by one gallon can result in a fine or imprisonment. It is under the state’s environmental regulations. Some of you would also need the authorization to work with specific paints.

The scope of the coverage

It’s also important to know how you can cover a base with a single coat of airbrush paint. Some paint choices are better than others’ performance. It would have been not very smart to expect to add a single coat to use watercolors.

How strong is the cleaner

The clarity and ease of flow will affect the picture, as will the need for a thinner, which will affect the protection. Know that piling on a lighter will give you a more delicate finish even with the flattest paints. Thicker paints can also have more coverage.


If your artwork has exposed to sunlight or rain, you won’t be able to use an airbrush paint on it. Watercolor pencils cannot have used on miniature models of moving parts in the same way. If you do, all your work ethic will have thrown away. Only you knew what reason you have for buy this, so choosing the paint with the appropriate proportions of durability is your task.

The cost

We already stated that the easiest paint isn’t the best. That, but often refers to the most expensive color. Price matters, and some of these finishes are indeed very costly. If an airless sprayer paint kit has priced out of your price range, you can avoid it for your peace of mind. It is not difficult to find paint that is both inexpensive and efficient, and some of the options mentioned above are essential features.

FAQs: Some Common Questions of Airbrush Cleaner

What can I use to clean my airbrush?

Using rubbing alcohol, soak the needle cap, nozzle, and nozzle cap (99 percent isopropyl alcohol). Using the same solvent, clean the needle. Reassemble the airbrush according to the label directions after all parts have been cleaned.

What can I use to airbrush acrylics?

To the airbrush cup, add 2-3 gallons of indicator or thinner. If you start with paint, the paint can get into the airbrush tube, clog the brush, or make cleaning more difficult. Fill the eraser cup with 2-3 drops of ink. To combine the two, use an ancient, cheap brush.

What would I use to thin acrylic paint before applying it with an airbrush?

You may use rubbing Windex to thin acrylic paint before airbrush. Most craft shops and Walmart should have to rub alcohol on hand. This method of thinning acrylic craft paint for airbrushing is both reliable and cost-effective. Each bottle costs about 77 cents.

What’s the best way to keep my airbrush from spitting?

Fill the paint cup halfway with airbrush powder and spray the liquid onto a paper towel before it clears. Some airbrush manufacturers recommend filling the color cup with a cleaner in use. At the end of each day to prevent residual paint from drying inside the gun and clogging it.

Final words:

My first recommendation is the Iwata-Medea Airbrush Cleaner if you’re looking for an all-in-one package for the best airbrush cleaner for acrylic paint. It’s got everything you’ll ever need and then some! It’s perfect for beginners or artists, whether they’re using acrylic paints or airbrushing a cake. , this kit is incredible and a must-have. If you need to thin down your colors, always do your homework on the paints and doses you use.

Always take care when airbrushing because the particles in the atmosphere can be toxic. It always airbrushes in a well-ventilated or open area. I hope this article has made photoshopping more enjoyable and informative for you.

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