The 10 Best Concrete Floor Cleaners for 2020- Reviews

The market today is flooded with a wide range of cleaning products brands have to differ and can never be 100% similar. Knowing the key features to look for aids in making an excellent decision depending on what your need is. Feeling confused is normal, but you can normalize using the best of the best cleaners within your budget.

Simple Green Oxy Solve Concrete and Driveway Pressure Washer Cleaner

Below is a list of the ten best concrete floor cleaners sampled out from the many—bid goodbye to the disappointing standard cleaners in your home.  

our top picks: 5 Concrete Floor cleaner

  • Simple Green Oxy Solve Concrete And Driveway Pressure Washer Cleaner
  • Simple Green 18202 Concrete And Driveway Cleaner
  • RadonSeal Efflorescence Cleaner
  • ACT Concrete Cleaner
  • Oillift Industrial Strength Concentrated Non-Toxic Oil Remover

top 10 Best Concrete Floor Cleaners Reviews

1. Simple Green Oxy Solve Concrete and Driveway Pressure Washer Cleaner

You own a velvety well-kept lawn but the grimy driveway or the concrete fence seems not to augment the well-maintained look of everything else. At this point, the simple green oxy solve cleaner comes in handy.  Being a concentrate, 1 gallon makes up to 21 gallons of a diluted solution that greatly saves you the hassle of buying cleaners frequently.

The inexpensive cleansing formula works conveniently to eliminate the tough grime, grease, and the accidental oil spills. Any growing moss, mold, algae, or mildew are removed quickly, thanks to this cleaner, which uses the power of hydrogen peroxide. It contains no harsh chemicals that may bleach or attack your stylish concrete surfaces.

The simple green oxy cleaner can be used in two ways while cleaning. These include either in a pressure washer or simply manual cleaning. For the pressure washing, the solution cleans a large area of up to 6,400 sq. Ft. The manual way is a bit strenuous, but some prefer it for a thoroughly cleaned floor. you can also have it for your outdoor gazebos, carports, and pergolas.

2. Simple Green 18202 Concrete and Driveway Cleaner

Designed for your concrete surfaces and driveway, the simple green 18202 cleaner works great to lift off the grime, oils, and grime, as well as discolorations for a spotless, cleanse. The discolorations specifically are those not caused by dyes. 

The powerful cleaning formula boasts of non-toxic ingredients. Therefore, it cannot destroy or tarnish the color of the surfaces it comes in contact with during cleaning aside being safe for use around your family or friends. Your lawn is also kept protected from harm as you clean your driveway.

Just like the simple green oxy concentrate, you can use it in pressure washing or manual cleaning. In manual application, it makes more than 11 gallons of cleaning solution hence a super-saving cleaner. It comes packaged in a 1-gallon bottle.

3. RadonSeal Efflorescence Cleaner

Efflorescence makes your brick walls slightly unattractive. Well, it needs no second thoughts of removing once you have the RadonSeal efflorescence cleaner in your home. Not only does it clear efflorescence but also lime deposits, rust stains, and mortar haze. 

Compared to acid cleaners, the water-soluble formula is proven to be 70% stronger than glycolic acids and 50% better than phosphoric acid. It needs no neutralization as it comes as a ready to use the product. Just spray and brush off the unwanted deposits on your masonry surfaces, whether indoors or outdoors. 

Featuring zero VOC emissions, RadonSeal cleaner is safe for use indoors besides having low odor. Additionally, it cannot corrode your skin or the concrete floor. So, you do not have to worry about your health and the safety of your loved ones at home. 

4. ACT Concrete Cleaner- best for concrete floor

ACT concrete cleaner is an advanced formula that effectively cleans the build-ups on the concrete surface eliminating the awful odors. It makes the process easy and quickly done in no time. 

Talking of build-ups, it removes mildew, mold oil, grease, antifreeze, and stains. This low-cost scientific cleaner works by the technique of bio-remediation, which involves active microorganisms that secrete enzymes that chemically break down the dirt stains. Since the dirt later dissipates through evaporation, rinsing the surface is unnecessary. It removes paint, neither discoloring.

While cleaning, apply the ACT cleaner directly on the stains, then brush back and forth. Dispense a mist of water to dampen the same stained area. With the three steps, it is quite easy to use. Never scrub the applied-on area.

It is branded eco-friendly, and so, it cannot harm or affect people, plants, and animals. More convincing is that it is 100% guaranteed and USDA certified to be a genuine commodity.1 lbs of ACT powder cleans up to 100 sq. Ft.

5. Oillift Industrial Strength Concentrated Non-Toxic Oil Remover

Just as the name suggests, Oillift deals with oily parts on the concrete, asphalt, and paving stones. Being a multi-purpose cleaner, it dissolves the oil stains and detaches it from the surface. Once it separates the oil, mop up the residue, and rinse the area cleaned. It requires little effort for a spotlessly clean surface.

The industrial-strength cleaner is formulated with the ability to function even in the most demanding cleaning tasks. Be it in the garage, shop, or at your home, Oillift removes the tough oils for you and leaves no unpleasant smells.

The concentrated green cleaner is marked non-toxic and very earth-friendly. It cleans without affecting the health of people, pets, and plants as it contains no harsh chemical compounds. This oil remover is ranked among the safest products to use. 

For excellent results, you need only a small amount of the concentrated formula. It can be diluted to suit your preferences. This is an ideal oil remover, which is a better alternative to 90% of toxic cleaning solvents. It comes packed well for convenience while handling to avoid accidental spills.

6. Eco-Etch Pro Concrete Etcher and Cleaner for concrete floors

If you are looking for an etcher, then better pick on Eco-etch Pro because it is also a cleaner. Two properties are blending- etching and cleaning. The efficient formula removes light rust, grout, mold, and algae on both old and new concrete flooring.

The concentrated etcher and cleaner has non-toxic, biodegradable ingredients and is wholly an organic acid. Having no VOCs, it does not release poisonous fumes and very eco-friendly. Be sure it cannot kill or harm any plants, people, or pets. The manufacturer factored in safety as one of the prioritized concerns. Most people prefer it to phosphoric acids or muriatic acids. Expect zero accidental acid burns or corrosion of surfaces.

The product is made for use in industrial, domestic and commercial places. It is also versatile since it can clean brick pavers, block walls apart from concrete surfaces.

7. BLUE BEAR 500MR Mastic Remover for Concrete Surfaces

Blue bear cleaner initially was named BEAN-e-door Mastic Remover, but its primary function unchanged. It easily removes ceramic mastic, traditional carpet adhesives, vinyl glue, and asbestos mastics. 

The cost-effective mastic remover is 100% plant-derived as it is made from American Grown Soybeans. So this is proof that it is biodegradable and safe for use around people and pets. Further, it is organic with no corrosive or bleaching effects. The VOC content is less than 3%, which means it is non-toxic.

The product is favorable for persons allergic to strong scents. BLUE BEAR is scentless; it has no smell. It comes in a beautiful package of a 1-gallon bottle. The green cleaner is a safer alternative to vinegar and other acidic cleaning agents. 

8. Oil Eater Original 1 Gallon Cleaner/Degreaser

The name Oil Eater confirms what the cleaner is best at in cleaning activities. The cleansing formula under $100 is appropriate for removing oils and grease as it dissolves them, making the task easy.

The biodegradable product is designed to have no abrasives, petroleum solvents, or acids. This assures you it safe for use in your home. Being USDA certified for non-food surfaces means the degreaser is non-toxic, not harmful, nor hazardous.

Since it is a water-based concentrate, the manufacturer provided a dilution chart on every bottle for a perfect dilution and quality performance. The dilution is done by simply adding pre-determined amounts of water.

If you need professional advice on its use at any juncture, they are just a phone call away- reach out on the toll-free helpline: 1-800-528-0334. Aside from being crafted for residential use, it is also fit for industrial use, precisely in restaurants, garages, quick lubes, pressure washers, and many more. 

9. Spray Nine 26801 Heavy Duty Cleaner/Degreaser and Disinfectant

Spray Nine is unique in that it works as a triple-action formula- a degreaser/ disinfectant/ cleaner. It can effectively remove any form of dirt, grease, mold, and mildew while killing 99.9% of the pathogenic bacteria and viruses present in less than 45 seconds.  

The ready to use cleaner deeply cleans and dries fast, creating room for the resumption of other tasks at hand. Designed to give the best outcomes, the heavy-duty degreaser has a powerful strength such that you only dispense a small amount and does the magic in no time.

Furthermore, the product deodorizes the surface cleaned for a pleasant subtle scent. It comes in a 1-gallon bottle, which lasts long before a subsequent replacement. Besides concrete surfaces, it can be used on plastic, rubber, vinyl, ceilings, stainless steel, showers, tires, and many more.

10. BacKrete Eco-Friendly & Waterless Concrete floor Cleaner

Backrete concrete cleaner gives you an easy time when cleaning oil or petroleum stains off concrete driveways. With just a small amount, it absorbs the oil spills by using the latest bacteria technologies and is deemed safer than most corrosive chemical cleaners. Digging deeper, it eats up diesel fuel, fuel oil, jet fuel, kerosene, gasoline, motor oil, and several others. For application, you spread out a thin film of BacKrete cleaner and do not wash it off once you apply. It is a one-step cleaner.
It is referred to as waterless, as it comes in powdery form, plus it requires no water for cleaning. The green formula is eco-friendly since it is non-toxic and not harsh to cause any damaging corrosions. It is suitable for both residential and commercial use. Most fast-food restaurants choose it over the rest for cleaning the fuel spills on the drive-thRu lanes.

The whole package is manufactured in a way that every pound of Backrete covers up to 400 square feet. The good thing is it starts consuming the stains upon immediate application and continues to absorb fora number of days till it clears out the entire dirt. It is approved by many to be very authentic, and so, you can give it a try.


Concrete floor cleaners exist in several brands worldwide. All in all, you need a well-cleaned environment for maximum comfort and style. Choosing the right cleaner incorporates many aspects ranging from its popularity, versatility, quality to price.

You need not buy an expensive cleaner. The prices vary, and with the sampled variety, it is easier to pick the most affordable for you. The listed cleaners above may share some characteristics, but at the same time, they have unique differences, which may suit your liking.

Make sure you analyze intensively the features they offer. Do comparisons- trial and error always help. Explore to find that most effective cleaner to cling onto for every cleaning job. It’s only in testing and comparing that you get to see the best cleaner for you.

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