How to dispose of vacuum cleaner [Complete guide for you]

Vacuum cleaners are present in every home. This tool is an available most integral part of every home. It is not possible not to have vacuum cleaners at home. You can have the idea from this little calculation. Every year over 5 million of them are sold. Despite so much usage, they get broken. So, let’s see how to dispose of vacuum cleaner?

No matter how you care about them, they get damaged. Maybe it’s due to their excessive use. Some people don’t handle them with care. That’s why they get fractured and need to be disposed of. So a lot of people wonder about their old vacuum cleaners. They don’t know how to get rid of the old one or the broken one. This article is all about them.

We’ll tell you that what you should do with your old vacuum cleaner. It is a challenge to recycle or dispose of an old vacuum cleaner. It is because of their excessive usage. Disposing of the vacuum cleaner is also necessary to save the environment from pollution. As we all know, pollution has been increased over the years. Sometimes, the vacuum cleaner causes minor problems. That problem needs fixation, and you feel no need to buy a new vacuum cleaner.

How to dispose of vacuum cleaner?

There are many ways to dispose of a vacuum cleaner. Most people go crashing it, which creates pollution. Pollution disturbs the environment. Therefore, breaking it and then putting it somewhere isn’t a good deal. There are a lot of other ways, like selling it to someone or burning it. Also, you can dispose of it at any plastic collector store that is near you.

What are the steps to dispose of your vacuum cleaner?

We’ll discuss two methods to deal with the old vacuum cleaner.

Method 1: Dispose of vacuum cleaner

How to dispose of vacuum cleaner

Check the dictionary

Check out your local area dictionary. It’ll help you to find the contact number of the near shore. There lie many stores which accept the trash from people. They then recycle it or convert the material into something else. So deposing off your old vacuum cleaner to such a store is pollution-free. It saves the environment from trouble.

Get confirmation

Once you get the appropriate contact, the next is to have a deal with the owner. Talk about disposing of the old plastic material to them. A lot of people buy the old plastic material at a fairly good price. It’s better to have something than nothing. Make sure about the shipping of material. Some prefer to get through the parcel—however, some demand to leave the material in stores.

Shipping the material

Once you have confirmation about the buyer, the next is to transport the vacuum cleaner. Take a container and put the cleaner into it. Choose the safest way to transport the vacuum cleaner to the shop. On reaching the store, find a direction to hand over the cleaner. Usually, there are a lot of signs boards, or people. Which is standing outside whom you can ask about the address? Meet the relative person and hand over the vacuum cleaner to them.

Method 2: Dispose of vacuum cleaner steps

Dispose of vacuum cleaner steps

Disposing of the vacuum cleaner through grinding

In this method, you can remove the material from the house through the grinder.

Use of grinder

The grinder is used for crushing the material into small parts. The grinder works by converting the material into extremely small elements. This item makes the environment pollution-free. And the grinder works for crushing the materials. It has powerful motors and associated jaws. These jaws break apart things.

Putting the vacuum cleaner into the grinder

In this step, we put the vacuum cleaner into the grinder. It is good to break the vacuum cleaner into pieces. Because grinders easily break the small pieces, so take a hammer and break down the pieces.

Next, collect all the pieces from the ground. Make sure there is no piece of the broken vacuum left over. After collecting all the scraps, put them in the grinder.

Turn on the grinder

After putting the vacuum cleaner into the grinder, turn the grinder on. Make sure you are doing all the processes in a safe place. A grinder is a heavy machine with heavy hydraulic pressure. Anything that falls into it immediately gets broken and crushed.

So be careful while using the machine. Turn the grinder on and run it at a moderate speed. Speed depends upon the kind of material as the vacuum cleaner is a plastic material. It doesn’t require any pressure to grind it. Keeping the grinder speed moderate will crush the vacuum cleaner.

Treat the crushed material

Once you have complete crushing the material, the next step is to treat the trash. There are many ways to treat trash. Collect the scrub put it into the land. Disposing of it on land is easy. Dig the hole into the ground and place all the scrub into it.

Some people opt for disposing of it into the sea. Disposing it into the sea isn’t a good practice. It ruins marine life. Therefore, dig a hole and dispose of the vacuum cleaner trash into it.

Fire the material

Another best method of dealing with trash is to burn it. Take the crushed material to a superheated kiln. The kiln has temp about 1000-1200 degrees. This high temp destroys the trash completely. High temp turns the plastic scrap into ashes. Dealing with ashes is easy. You can simply dispose of the ashes into the ground by digging a hole. It is a pollution-free treatment for vacuum cleaners.

Can I put a vacuum cleaner in the garbage?

The answer to this question is” YES.” But this treatment is not good. It can be illegal and cause a threat to the environment. We have discussed the best method of dealing with the old vacuum cleaner. If you are unaware of the method of disposing of it contact the relative person.

Usually, local area waste management authorities manage the waste. They are meant for dealing with household waste and garbage. Contact immediately with authority and hand over the garbage. This is probably the safe method. It is a pollution-free method, and any responsible citizen should adopt it.

Does best buy old vacuum cleaners?

Yes, best buy takes the old vacuum cleaners. It buys not only the old vacuum cleaners but also old electrical appliances. It accepts everything except few exceptions. Not only best buy, but many other stores take the old material, including electrical appliances.

Best buy store purchases every material regardless of where they are purchased. You can even offer partially functioning appliances at good prices. Also, you can buy the old working material. So, best buy is a good place to exchange or hand over old materials.

What can you do with a vacuum motor?

The motors are material which finds their usage in much equipment. The best thing you can do is to separate the engine from the cleaner. Place the motor aside in a separate room.

Disposing of the motor is a good option, but you can use the motor in various functions. A motor is a functional unit, and a lot of equipment needs an engine. So, you can fix the motor in a lot of things. In an experiment, but the motor in the tool is designed for working?

How can I make my vacuum cleaner more powerful?

There are many ways to make the vacuum cleaner more powerful. Regular cleaning and checking make the cleaner powerful. Still, the manual comes with a cleanser. By following the manual, you can have the best working of your cleaner. Empty the bag from time to time.

Regular cleaning keeps the working regular. Set the vacuum set at optimal. The machinery inside the vacuum cleaner needs cleaning. Keep cleaning the brushes inside the cleaners. Oiling them and greasing them make them working smoothly. By following these precautions, you can have the proper working from the cleaner.

What kind of motor is installed in the vacuum?

A good quality motor is installed in the vacuum cleaner. The electric motor works properly and performs the sucking action with ease, and it is usually a DC motor. The best thing about that motor is it can work on both currents.

For example, it can perform its function on AC and DC equally. The efficiency is almost the same in both currents. They are lightweight, and they work on high torque while starting. They are usually operated at high speeds. These are universal motors installed in vacuum cleaners.


We have discussed in detail the disposing of the vacuum cleaner. While disposing of, make sure all the precautions. And also, be sure that you are not harming the environment by your act.

Burning the cleaners in the open air is a quick method. But this method is very harmful. The burning of plastic in the open air produces black smoke. It also produces harmful gases, which cause breathing problems. I hope the how to dispose of vacuum cleaner article helped you out as well.

To avoid burning it. Instead, crush it and try to burn it in a kiln. Ashes require little effort to dispose of. You can put it into the sea or easily dump it into the ground. Both methods are pollution-free.

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