How to Uninstall MPC Cleaner from Windows 10

How to Uninstall MPC Cleaner from Windows 10

MPC cleaner in windows 10 is an unwanted program. This program is itself malicious and causes many issues to the system. The MPC cleaner keeps you telling you that you have some issue within the system. But in reality, the system hasn’t many issues. It is a free program, and you don’t have to pay for its installation. Let’s see, how to Uninstall MPC Cleaner from Windows 10?

Not only installation, but its un-installation is also free. MPC cleaner changes the system setting and runs on the internal engine of the browser. The software contains a lot of additional and unnecessary applications. While installing the program, beware of the term.

Wisely tick the conditions you agree with. Because once you have confirmed installation, there is no way back. The software is bundled with many other programs which disturb the system. There is no need to have this software on your PC. Still, you opt for installation, choose custom installation mood. In this article, we’ll tell you how to remove the program. Follow the step-by-step guideline to remove the program.

How to Uninstall MPC Cleaner from Windows 10?

How to Uninstall MPC Cleaner

Open up the control panel.

The first step you go through for uninstalling the program is to open the control panel. The Control panel finds its opening in various ways. There are at least three ways to open up the panel. The first method is opening the panel from the start button. Look for the start menu on windows 8. The start menu lies in the lower-left corner of the screen. Click on the start menu and search the list. Usually, the start menu lies as third or fourth on the list. Open up the control panel. It is how we proceed with the uninstalling process.

The second way of opening the panel is from the My Computer icon. Open up the computer icon or directly right-click the icon. A drop-down list of options is here. Select the last option named “properties.” Click on the properties and wait for opening new windows. There will be a search bar in the upper right corner of the property bar. Search for the control panel in the search bar. Click on the control panel and wait for an opening.

Click on PROGRAM

Once the control panel is opened, look for “program.” It usually lies at the bottom of the list. Click on the program and wait for it to open. If you PC or laptop is loaded with the application, it can take a few second to open. Make sure that from time to time, you remove applications. Excess of applications or programs in the software in the laptop creates malware in the pc.

Look for an MPC cleaner.

Clicking on the program will open a list. List contains all the applications and software on the pc. As we want to uninstall MPC cleaner from the pc, so we’ll look for that. Your computer might save the software with any name. Such software is potent to be saved by any name. Be conscious about the icon of the software.

Start uninstalling

Uninstalling MPC Cleaner from Windows 10

As you have found the software, the next step is to uninstall it. Look for desired software and place the arrow of the mouse over the software. Right-click the icon and look for the option of uninstalling. Be careful, and sometimes there is a mixed option of uninstalling and change. In such cases, you’ll not select either of them. Instead, look at the windows above. “Uninstall the program” is the option that is on display over the bar.

Select the option and wait

After selecting the uninstall option, the window will display another two options. It will ask about how do you want to uninstall it. Go selecting for complete uninstall. Remove the software from the pc completely. This removal might take some minutes. Be patient and don’t interrupt the setup. Even the pc may hang for a while, and that’s okay.

Finish the Uninstall MPC Cleaner from Windows 10

Soon after removing the program, pc will inform you. A short message gets displayed over the screen. It may ask to restart the computer. Accept the invitation, or it’s just okay. Click on the “OKAY” and restart the pc.

Scan the system

Such malicious programs may disturb the pc. Therefore it’s a good option to scan it once. A lot of antivirus cleaners are there in the market. Pick up any of them and make your computer clean of the antivirus. AVAST antivirus is best for removing such malware from the computer.

Set the antivirus to full scan and wait for the system to give its report. The system will take some time to remove every single malware entity from PC. Be patient and wait for the antivirus to perform its function. Another important tip is to end every program. For this, open the task manager and select “END PROCESS” for every program. Now scan the PC, and it’ll make the computer clean of every malware.

How do I delete the MPC folder?

You can delete the MPC folder from the C drive. Double click on the PC icon and look for C drive. Double click on C drive. After opening the C drive, go into program files. After that, In the program files folder, look for the MPC folder. Be sure that you are going to delete the right one. Do right-click on the MPC folder. In the menu, look for the delete option. Click on the delete. It might ask for confirmation. Confirm the process and delete the folder. This is how you’ll remove the folder from the computer.

How can MPC harm my laptop?

MCP is cleaner as it cleans the junk files from the pc. But sometimes, the potent application gets installed along with the MPC. Those applications try to take over the pc. It results in that pc becomes slow. In this way, MPC harm the pc. Therefore it needs to remove from the pc. MPC itself isn’t harmful software. It just causes the system to run slow. All the performance of pc is disturbed. After successful removal of MPC, run the complete scan of pc. It will remove the chances of staying of any corrupt file on pc.

How do you purge MPC live?

Open up the MPC and search for the purge button in the software. After seeing the purge button, hit it down. Upon pressing the button, there will be a confirmation page. Select the unused samples on the confirmation page. It will delete from memory any sample not assigned to any program yet. This is how you can purge the MPC live.

Is MPC cleaner safe to use?

Despite its name as a cleaner, it is unsafe to use. There are multi reasons. It is less efficient.


We have discussed in detail the uninstalling process of MPC cleaner. All the necessary steps have been mentioned in the article. By following the steps, we can run the uninstall process. Any person with basic knowledge of computers can run the uninstall process. 

After you have a complete un-installation process, scan the pc. There are a lot of scanners at the play store. Try installing the best antivirus to scan the pc. Software like MPC is designed to clear the computer from junk files. But potent software gets to add to the MPC and malware it. Therefore we go for un-installing the MPC cleaner.

Do remember all the precautions while un-installing it. Additionally, before installing the software, turn on the task manager and end all the active processes. Then open up the antivirus software and give a complete scan to the PC. After removing the potent software, pc may take some time to scan the pc. 

Wait with patience until PC completes the cleaning process. Moreover, after scanning the PC, restart it twice or thrice to ensure the proper uninstalling process.

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