How to use Bona hardwood floor cleaner

Many people choose wooden floors due to their marvelous look and incredible beauty. The main secret behind cleaning the floor is that you must know the proper way to clean it. It doesn’t mean the methods or tricks, instead of using a proper cleaner. Here in this context, we’re presenting you with some tips about how to use Bona hardwood floor cleaner.

A cleaner or a chemical cleaner is a thing that we use to furnish our wooden floor. So, while cleaning the entire stuff, you may encounter grime. You don’t need to stick, and you need the right material and the right way to do the process.

Many cleaners are there in the market, which can confuse you, but we’ll guide you to get you the right choice for you. So, while you are concerned with the right choice, we’ll take you towards the best material. Some of the materials are not good to use.

For example, some cleaners, after prolonged use, develop haze over the surface. A white haze doesn’t seem good on the surface. Sometimes the steaks and foot may also develop over the surface. Safe usage of the material is also necessary, especially if you are a family person.

What is the process of using the Bona floor cleaner?

How to use Bona hardwood floor cleaner

Bona is the famous known cleaning chemical which is the product of the famous company. The company is famous for cleaning the floors. It is known for cleaning the hard wooden floor with perfection. It doesn’t leave any footprint or sign behind it.

Anyone who has a basic knowledge of cleaning can use the product. The best formula for the usage of the bona laminate floor cleaner is that it doesn’t damage the surface of the wooden floor. It is simply applied over the surface, and the entire surface is cleaned with water.

It is how we clean the whole wood surface with the help of a bona cleaner. No matter the surface is old or new, bona hardwood cleaner can clean it with perfection. Moreover, it doesn’t leave any white haze over the surface of the hardwood.

Things you’ll need to clean the wooden surface with the Bona floor:

  • Water
  • Bona floor hardwood cleaner
  • Alcohol
  • Sponge
  • Wipers 
  • Dryer

What is the procedure to clean the hardwood surface using the Bona floor?

how to use bona laminate floor cleaner

Selection of the material

The very first step in cleaning the wooden surface is the selection of the right material. As we have mentioned before, the bona floor cleaning material is the best choice for selecting the right chemical for cleaning the wooden floor. This material has the best performance with the quickest results. That’s why it makes the best choice when we go to selecting the material. Bona floor hardwood cleaner bets find its use over surfaces that are under a lot of traffic. The Bona also works as well as bamboo floor cleaner perfectly.

Selecting the surface

The next step you are going to do is the selection of the wooden surface for cleaning. For example, it can also repair old surfaces like antique furniture and old wooden plates with the help of this material.

Cleaning the surface

The bona cleaner is itself a surface cleaner; still, you may need to clean the surface of the wood before cleaning it. Gently scrub the surface of the wooden floor. If you are more conscious about cleaning, try using alcohol or vinegar. Spread the liquid over the surface and clean it with a sponge. It will not clean the dirty marks; instead, it’ll remove the dirt from the surface. This treatment is sometimes mandatory because of the prolonged usage of the wooden floor. The key concept behind pre-cleaning is to do things with perfection.

Drying the surface

The surface we just cleaned well needs drying. The technical reason behind drying is that the water may react with the bona floor wood cleaner. Thus it may cause damage to the surface of the wood. That’s why air drying is necessary. As the water dries out quickly, so you don’t need to apply the other means of drying the floor.

Mixing the material

The material we use in this process needs mixing. It is combined with an adequate amount of water. You can have the proportion according to your own choice. Make the mixture of the proportion according to the ratio of 2:3. You don’t need to mix any other ingredient with the variety. Just take water and mix the bona floor with it. Adding up a lot of water into the material causes it to make like silk.

Application of the Bona floor material

The material is spread over the surface in equal amounts. We can use the spray bottle for spraying the material. Also, there are certain precautions about the spraying of material. Spray the bona floor material over the surface equally. Sometimes, if you are cleaning the wooden surface with corners, you need to wash those corners. Using a rag isn’t a good option as it can leave marks over the surface of hardwood.

Take a sponge and wipe over the entire surface of the wood. Usually, the wood carries dirt and marks, which don’t require much effort to remove. Just spraying the material and wiping it out will do the entire work. Sometimes, the deep dirt gets stuck into the wood, for which we give some time to solution. Giving 5-10 minutes works best, and any stubborn mark leaves the wooden surface.

After clean drying

Once you have finished washing the surface, it needs drying. Drying is necessary because the wet surface catches the dirt easily. So, you need to dry it completely for proper usage. There are multiple methods of drying the surface. The best method you must opt for is sun-dry. It has many advantages as the sun rays strengthen the wood fibers. Sun rays naturally give strength to wood and make them strong.

Polishing the surface

After you have finished drying, you have the choice to furnish the wood. Prolong usage of the wood may be because it becomes dull. Therefore, if you are conscious about the looks of your wooden furniture, you must furnish them to give them a beautiful look.

Additionally, there is also a reason that some woods are not made up of great quality. When you use the bona floor or other cleaning material, the surface may lose its color. Moreover, the bona floor is a chemical, so if you go furnishing your material, it leaves no chances of physical disturbance in the material.

FAQs of Bona hardwood floor cleaner

How often should you use the bona hardwood floor cleaner?

The use of bona hardwood cleaner entirely depends upon the two factors. One is the traffic, and the other is the duration. You may feel the need to clean it often if your wood is in excessive use. In such cases, you must go cleaning the wood after 1-2 months. This regular practice will keep the wood surface clean. Polishing with bona floor restores its shine and keeps the surface clean.

Does bona really clean the hardwood floors?

The answer is “yes.” Moreover, we can declare the statement that bona is the all the time best cleaner. It has much more capacity and strength to clean the surface than any other material. The best thing about bona is that it is very gentle in use and doesn’t require effort to do the cleaning. It is made with simple ingredients, and in the case, it falls on your hands, it doesn’t affect the surface.

Do you have to rinse the bona floor cleaner?

The answer to this question is dependent on the nature of the surface. For example, the surfaces which are in use for a prolonged period, we need to wash. But surfaces like wooden home furniture don’t get dirty a lot. So in such cases, we spray the material and wipe it out.

Does bona hardwood cleaner kill the germs?

Yes, the material surely kills the germs over the surface. Bona hardwood floor has disinfectant properties, killing almost 99 percent of germs over the woody surface. Basically, the bona hardwood floor is a hydrogen-based disinfectant. Anti-bacterial action completely destroys the germs making the surface clean for usage.

Does bona hardwood floor cleaner leave a residue?

Mostly, when we use floor cleaners, they leave a cloudy material over the surface. It is a residue material of the cleaner and doesn’t impart a good look. But in the case of bona hardwood cleaner, you’ll find no such thing over the surface. It is completely residue-free and doesn’t leave a single mark over the surface.


We have learned the methods of cleaning the woods using Bona hardwood floor cleaner. Care is always better than cure, so try to avoid the traffic from the wood surface. In a normal case, clean the surface after 4-5 months. If you clean the surface with this period and take care of it regularly, the wood can last longer.

Many people opt for shielding the surface, like placing a lamination over the surface. This lamination protects it from the weather and dirt. Multiple shielding is here to protect the wooden floor. So we hope how to use Bona hardwood floor cleaner article was helpful for you. Please comment below on your cleaning experience with us. Happy moment, enjoy your day!

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