How to Use CLP Gun Cleaner [Complete Guide]

How to Use CLP Gun Cleaner

The first rule when owning a firearm is security. Do you know a fresh gun lessens the probability of accidental release? The more appropriate title is a negligent discharge. It is avoidable by following safety procedures.

It is ensuring that any firearm is firmly unloaded and cleared before proceeding with any disassembly work. Performing a security check is almost always a critical first step that needs to be completed. And re-done as a triple or double-check to ensure a very clear and secure firearm.

Understanding How to Use CLP Gun Cleaner is more than simply having an Attractive appearing firearm. It is about security.

Not after protocol when cleaning your weapon may result in Accidental accidents -or even worse.

How to Use CLP Gun Cleaner in a few Standard Actions

Listed below are the basic Measures to correctly and safely clean Firearms of all kinds:

Clean the Barrel and Chamber

Remove the magazine and confirm the firearm is unloaded. Dry Brush the room and barrel using a copper-phosphate bore brush at a room to muzzle direction. It may loosen and eliminate a number of the massive steel and carbon fouling in the bore.

Put a cleanup patch dipped in bore solvent onto the tip of your cleaning pole. Then push the cleansing area through the barrel and out the other side and then saturate the room and bore surface.

Prevent pulling it back that can redeposit dirt and gunk back to the bore. Permit the cleaning solvent to break down bore fouling for 10-15 min. Then use only the bore brush to wash the interior of the barrel. Related article, making guide for gutter cleaner.

Utilize a pull-through tool impregnated using a light lubricant like a bore snake and CLP or equal to additional clean. Treat the face from corrosion. Don’t lubricate the bore with the oil. For long-term storage only. The bore could be treated using a heavier lubricant like Barricade. It has to be removed by cleaning the barrel before shooting the firearm!

Wash the Outside of the barrel, barrel hood, and barrel lug, as well as the feed ramp.

Clean and Lubricate the Action

You have to clean and scatter over just the barrel of the gun. The activity should also be washed with a nylon utility brush, dry fabric, and activity cleaner solvent.

Spray the activity liberally from the Surface of the frame/receive. Letting carbon and metallic debris be washed to the drip pan. Use manufacturer’s recommendations for your specific model. Let the sterile sub-assemblies flow. Use appropriate disposal procedures for almost any cleaning residues.

Last, use a needle applicator to exactly apply lubricant drops in the designated lubrication points. As advocated by the manufacturer, on the frame/action, slide assembly, and outside of the cone. It’s essential not to lubricate as this may more easily attract contaminant accumulation. And may lead to reliability problems.

Do not overlook the Magazines.

Magazines will be the origin of ammunition and are accountable for the excellent feeding of a semiautomatic firearm. Clean magazines are all crucial for the correct functioning of a semiautomatic. They may be cleaned, cleaned, and reassembled following the manufacturer’s directions.

Particular purpose brushes are accessible for magazine cleaning. Use safety glasses and extra caution when working with publications. Throughout the disassembly and reassembly procedure, magazine followers are loaded. Check here, 420 cleaner user guide.

Magazines shouldn’t be cleaned using oil products. as these can contaminate ammunition primers. Magazines should not be lubricated but instead cleaned using a residue-free solvent or cleaning agent.

Reassemble the Firearm and Execute a Functional Check

Reassemble the Firearm and Execute a Functional Check

Anytime a firearm is disassembled and reassembled. a Functional check has to be run to ensure the gun still functions as designed after the disassembly.

Follow the company’s process for your particular firearm and constantly observe the rules of gun safety!

Eliminate the Exterior the Gun

When the inside of the gun and its moving components are clean and lubricated, it is time to wash the exterior. 

A gun/reel fabric is ideal for this particular job. These materials are supple and soft with silicone lubricant. 

It will help eliminate any lingering debris, acidic prints and provide a wonderful glow of security for your weapon. If you do not have a silicone fabric, person CLP wipes or Equal will also do the job nicely.

What’re Those CLP Materials?

What're Those CLP Materials

A Good Deal of Individuals swears by a product known as “CLP” to clean and upkeep their firearms. And a few people might find themselves wondering what the hell that is. Well, it’s a cleaning product. However, it will be more than that.

It is an acronym for “sterile, Lubricant, Preservative” or something to that purpose. But, it is also a pretty specific solution, created for the US military and used by soldiers. It’s evolved to become a whole genre of all-in-one goods for firearms.

What’s CLP Made From?

What's CLP Made From

Official, government-issue CLP is a mixture of substances, and nobody knows the specific composition. 

What’s understood is that the foundation is artificial petroleum, which is a fantastic lubricant in several programs. Synthetic oils are extensively utilized in the automotive sector. Particularly with race and performance cars.

A synthetic oil like Valvoline or Castrol will survive twice as long as traditional petroleum-based motor oil on your Normal passenger car. Therefore, you can go 7,000 to 10,000 miles between oil changes instead of the rule of thumb of 3,000 miles.

To give you a Notion of how well synthetics operate. Mobil purchased a new BMW 3 series again from the ’90s and stuck it on a rolling road. Below a continuous load equal to driving 85 mph, they conducted the automobile night and day.

They followed the support program. They were changing the oil and Doing other maintenance as ordered by BMW with their synthetic petroleum. Following a million kilometers. They took the motor apart and found it was still in mill tolerances.

Usually, gun cleaners and lubricants come in three flavors. There is a foundation chemical to which numerous surfactants are added to build on a bit. Gun cleaning compounds could be lumped into one of 

Three categories:

  • Artificial
  • Petroleum
  • Plant-based

Petroleum-based cleaners utilize a foundation oil derived from oil, and synthetics use a synthetic oil base.

Plant-based cleaners use a plant-derived oil squeezed out of several crops and processed until it is usable.

It is essentially like olive oil is made. Except plant-based gun cleaning products do not taste quite as great paired with balsamic vinegar. 

Thus, plant-based CLP is generally also nontoxic. Some individuals consider it a priority, others do not, and that much is all up to you.

CLP General Ingredients

CLP General Ingredients

BreakFree’s engineers also have found the best Equilibrium of powerful yet safe ingredients. 

Its exceptional penetrative and lubricating skills enable it to burst through all kinds of gunk and ensure that fresh grit will not stick. BreakFree eliminated 98% of firing residue in lab trials and withstood over 100 hours at a 5% salt spray test with no signs of rust.

Likewise, it could lubricate at intense temperatures without gumming or breaking. These skills are the result of specially formulated synthetic oils and specialist engineering.

BreakFree’s Powder Blast Includes many distinct elements Compared to their regular CLPs. One significant distinction is coconut oil, which gives it its pleasant odor. 

This shock ingredient is also widely utilized in soaps and additives due to its impact on oil and dirt.


I had high hope you enjoy how to use CLP gun cleaner article. Particularly considering that they passed. Almost impossible spec evaluations by the authorities and have a unique Formula of synthetic oils. Nevertheless, there are additional CLPs on the market who either clean or shield better. It might even be worthwhile to scratch the CLP thought and choose individual products for every surgery.

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