How to use Olympic Deck Cleaner Step by Step guide

Outdoor porches get filthy quickly and need regular cleaning. Industrial deck cleaners contain harsh and possibly hazardous chemicals. They can harm and destroy neighboring blossoms even if diluted with water. Many environmentally friendly choices will wash your porch without damaging flowers and plants. Let’s see how to use Olympic deck cleaner?

Olympic brand spout cleaner is among the most reputable products of its type available on the market. The company delivers many different deck cleaners. For example. Its regular Olympic Deck Cleaner, which assists in gently wash cedar and redwood decks.

 Olympic also offers a superior mix, which operates on heavy-duty dirt stuck into a vast majority of all wood-type decks.

Cleaning with Olympic Deck Cleaner [How to use Olympic Deck Cleaner]

How to use Olympic Deck Cleaner

When used correctly, Olympic deck cleaner will help eliminate dirt and dirt so that your outside living area can glow.

Test First

Irrespective of whether you’re utilizing Olympic deck cleaner or a different brand. 

You ought to get in the practice of analyzing a small, hidden area together with the item before applying it to your complete deck.

While the item is biodegradable and May Be Used on Exterior timber and composite surfaces. So you never know how it will respond to your deck material.

The unique thing about the product is its use of Hydrogen peroxide as a surface cleaning agent. Even though most of these cleansers take advantage of bleach because of their principal ingredient, it differs.

As you might understand, you’re never supposed to combine hydrogen Peroxide with bleach as harmful fumes will result from such a mix.

Application-How to apply Olympic Deck Cleaner

Suppose you’re trying to get stubborn grime and mold off your deck. You are better off with Olympic’s superior deck cleaner. 

Each prepared to use a two-and-a-half mill container cleans approximately 250 to 300 square feet. 

The cleanser penetrates deep into the timber and lifts dirt into the surface to be rinsed away.

  • Liberally use Olympic cleaner into the deck’s surface using a deck care sprayer or a plastic pump-style garden sprayer and hose.
  • Sit for five to 10 minutes.
  • Gently rinse with fresh water. No scrubbing is needed.

Pros and Cons of using deck cleaner


Among the benefits of Olympic’s lineup of the deck. Cleansers are readily available at most hardware and home improvement stores. You may even buy the item online. Deck proprietors also adore Olympic’s cleaner due to its no-scrub attribute.

When you’re cleaning a large deck, then having the ability to remove the requirement to scour is a plus.


Regrettably, deck cleansers by Olympic do not come without some drawbacks. The Olympic top cleaner is a competitive deck cleaner. It features potent ingredients to clean without scrubbing.

Olympic’s cleaner comprises sodium hypochlorite, or bleach, and can lighten the color of your wood deck. What is more, if you utilize Olympic new deck cleaner onto a weather deck. The degraded wood fibers can provide a fuzzy look.

You can remove the stray fibers using a high-pressure garden hose. But understand that they’ll probably reappear if you use the item for future cleanings.


Before utilizing Olympic brand spanking cleanup solutions, it’s also advisable to cover delicate plants to prevent harm.

Do not permit the deck cleaner to contact metal, cloth, or vinyl lawn furniture.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it wiser to stain or seal a deck?

Surfaces like decks, wood siding, fences, Etc. Need a protective coating to maintain from weathering so quickly.

A deck sealer is usually a transparent or clear finish that penetrates the wood or creates a crystal clear picture at the top. A deck stain has precisely the same water-resistant qualities a deck sealer does.

If you power clean your deck?

Frequently a pressure-washer can efficiently wash a deck with just plain water. However, a pressure washer can mess up your deck if it is not used correctly. Should you use it with an excessive amount of jet pressure or set the tip too near the deck’s surface. Then you can deeply etch the timber and cause the fibers to splinter.

Can Be Olympic blot any good?

Total the OLYMPIC MAXIMUM is a reasonably typical wood stain. Great for around 12-18 months, in our view. Suppose you’re restricted to what’s available at the regional shops. The Olympics are a good option. Better wood spots are located online or in specialty shops like timber yards and paint shops.

Can Be Olympic Deck Cleaner merely bleach?

Regrettably, deck cleansers by Olympic do not come without some drawbacks. The Olympic top cleaner is a competitive deck cleaner. Olympic’s cleaner comprises sodium hypochlorite. or bleach and might lighten the color of your wood deck.

Is deck cleaner only bleach?

Regrettably, decks tend to be susceptible to algae and dirt since they are out. In contrast to popular belief, chlorine bleach isn’t a fantastic cleaner to get a timber deck.

What’s a wood brightener?

Wood deck brightener is an Acid based product that only neutralizes the caustic cleansers and helps to lower the pH level. It makes the timber more acidic. It opens the wood pores and brightens the wood pulling out the grain of the natural beauty.

How can you utilize Olympic Premium Deck Cleaner?

Always test a small, hidden area, wash and let dry until Utilizing this item. Olympic Premium Deck Cleaner should be implemented at full strength using a deck care sprayer.

Spray the affected area copiously and let it stand for Five to ten minutes. No cleaning is needed.

Like baking soda and soda, borate is an all-purpose natural cleanser that’s versatile around the home and yard, with a ratio of one cup of Borax to a gallon of water. Then tackle small regions of your deck at one time, scrubbing with a brush to remove algae and mold.

Which are the components in deck cleaner?

Oxygen Bleaches the oxygen-type bleach sodium percarbonate is a frequent ingredient in deck cleansers. When added to water, the compound forms hydrogen peroxide and sodium carbonate. Combined, both of these cleaners remove mold stains, dirt, and another ingrained residue on the timber deck.


Cleaning your timber is essential, period! Otherwise, your whole Project will not survive. It’s pretty economical and swift to create your blot project last more. When it’s all said and done. I expect you will have the ability to enjoy a nice, lovely, freshly-cleaned deck.

One of These products should be significant enough to perform the job. I hope my career has given you the knowledge to pick the best one for your particular needs. If that’s the case, don’t hesitate to look at a number of my work. We hope how to use Olympic deck cleaner article helped you to know about deck cleaner. In any event, you thank you for reading all of the ways to the finish.

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