How to use comet cleaner that you need to know

We have heard the names of many cleaners who clean up the households, like kitchen bathrooms. Comet is one of them. The American company KIK manufactured it in 1956. Its popularity is based on its cleaning action. Cleaning and removing the germs from the surfaces make it the entire time best cleaner. Having the strongest disinfecting action, it kills nearly all germs over dirt surfaces. Let’s see how to use comet cleaner.

Comet isn’t surface-specific; you can use it anywhere you want. It acts best in the kitchens, bathrooms, and those places where the traffic is high. Other surfaces like sideways, walkways, and footpaths are also cleaned using the comet cleanser. The concrete looks hard and ruff and seems tough to clean, but the gentle treatment of the comet makes it clean.

Apply the comet or spray and give some time to stand. In the standby time, chemicals inside the comet will perform the function and will clean it. You can also remove the mildews and stains from the surface using the comet spray. Comet cleaners have become popular over the past years due to their efficiency and effectiveness. The best advantage of the comet is that it can remove dirt from the surface.

What are the ingredients of the comet cleaner?

How to use comet cleaner

According to international statistics, comet material is made up of the following ingredients.

1) Calcium carbonate

  • Calcium carbonate finds its use as a scrubbing agent. It removes the dirt and debris from the surface.

2) Calcium hydroxide

  • Hydroxide ion adjusts the PH of the cleanser, so this chemical component is used to adjust the PH of the cleanser.

3) Fragrance

  • The fragrance is added to the cleanser to give it a beautiful smell. The natural smell of the chemicals is not as sweet. It may irritate a bit, so that’s why fragrance adds the sweet smell.

4) Green 7

  • A reasonable color gives a good look to the cleanser.

5) Sodium carbonate

  • It serves as the cleaning agent

6) Other chemicals (calcium carbonate, sodium carbonate, calcium hydroxide, sodium carbonate, bleach)

How to use the comet cleaner?

Best way to use comet using comet cleaner

The following article will tell you the step-by-step process to clean the dirty surfaces using a comet cleaner. We’ll start our article with bathroom cleaning.

We all know, when it comes to comet cleaning, the bathroom is the dirtiest place. So we’ll start from there.

Step 1: Clean the shower and the tub

The shower and tub get dirty very quickly. The reason behind it is that it is always in contact with water. Since it doesn’t get dry immediately, we need to clean it up. Constantly absorbing the moisture and lacking regular cleaning make it dirty. The sideways tubs contain a lot of germs and bacteria. The man usually places his hand on the sideway while taking a bath.

So the germs get to shift to hands and can cause serious diseases. The same is the case with the shower. To tackle this problem, we spray the comet cleanser over these surfaces. Don’t spray over extremely wet surfaces. Because there are chances that it can flood away, spray it over semi-wet surfaces. Give it some time till it removes all the bacteria from the surface. The anti-bacterial action wipes away the germs and makes them safe.

Step 2: Cleaning the walls

Wall develops the dirt and germs very slowly than the shower and tub. But for sure they need cleaning as well. Cleaning the wall is a little bit easy due to its direction and angle. Spray the comet cleaner all over the surface and give it some time to stand. Meanwhile, take a rag or a sponge to clean it up quickly. Wipe out the wall vertically with the exertion of a little pressure. Using bar soap or a chisel is also the best option to clean up the walls.

Step 3: Clean the toilet

Once you have finished cleaning the shower, walls, and tub, clean the toilet. The toilet is the dirtiest place and needs to clean thoroughly. For the bathroom, a lot of cleansers are available in the market, but the best one is of course, is the comet cleanser.

Spray the comet in the toilet and use a brush to spread it in the toilet. Depending upon the condition of the toilet, give some time to it. After a few minutes, take a sponge or rag and clean the surface. As a precaution, flush the water inside the toilet and again spray the comet inside it.

This double action will clean it up completely, resulting in the full cleaning of the toilet. The toilet seat has a hidden point. Find them and clean them too. For example, inside up in the seat, you cannot spray the comet there. So it would help if you rubbed there with a brush.

Step 4: Clean the sink

The sink also needs cleaning. A sink is a place that is infrequent to use of people. It has a lot of germs and well bacteria. So, before proceeding towards sink cleaning, you must need to remove everything from the rake.

Empty the sink and spray the cleaner all over the surface. Be sure that you have sprayed over the corners and inside the tubes. Because many people leave or forget about these surfaces. So, spray the comet material all around and give it a few minutes to stand by. This standby time will kill the 99% of germs over the sink.

After 5 minutes, take a sponge and clean the surface from all around. If any marks are leftover from the surfaces, use a rag and rub the sink with full might. It will clean the sink.

Step 5: Clean the baseboard and the floor

It’s time to clean the floor of the bathroom. Just pick up the comet spray and spread it all over the floor. Mostly, the corners are leftover while cleaning. So make sure that you have sprayed in the corners as well. It is the final step of cleaning the bathrooms. Floors are not much dirty due to constant movement over them.

Therefore, spray the comet over the floor and clean it up with a damp rag after few minutes. Pour water over the floor and rub it and dry out the water. Your cleaning is done!

FAQs of comet cleaner

Can you leave a comet in the toilet overnight?

We can give a night time to come, but it is not necessary. A short duration of application of the comet will work. For example, moisten your sponge with water. Make a paste of comet cleanser and place the sponge in it. The sponge absorbs all the comet, wipes up the sink. Please give it a stand of about ten minutes.

Notice that if the comet cleans out the material. If it doesn’t clean it out, take a rag or sponge and make it clean. So, there is no need to give the comet a nightstand. We can have the target achieved in 10 minutes.

Is a comet cleanser dangerous?

The answer to this question is “yes.” We have mentioned the ingredients needed to make the cleanser. All the ingredients are chemicals. Those dangerous chemicals are a hazard to cells and tissue. Research on comet making reveals that it contains 146 chemical compounds. It means that it can cause cancer. The environmental working group air pollution has developed this research. Another side, many other disorders have been known to occur, like asthma and reproductive disorders.

Can you mix comet and bleach?

No, mixing both ingredients is very dangerous. Mixing the cleaner such as a comet with any oxygen is harmful. Many companies suggest that combining the comet with ammonia and other acids is very dangerous.

Is comet cleaner a disinfectant?

Yes, the comet cleaner is a disinfectant. The comet cleaner is 2 in one formula. It has bleaching action as well. The bleaching action of the comet is very powerful as it removes the stains and dust from the surface. Additionally, the disinfectant nature makes it unique for use. There is still no know cleaner that comes up with double action formula.

How to get rid off of comet residue?

It is easy to dispose of the residue of the comet cleanser. In case you have cleaned the sink, and there is residue leftover in the sink. Clean it using vinegar. Pour some vinegar into the sink and wait some time. After a few minutes, clean the inside surface of the sink and wipe away the comet cleanser residue.


We have learned in this article about the cleaning action of the comet. It can clean extremely dirty surfaces with ease. You need to follow some simple steps. While cleaning, follow the given instructions, and you can have good results. Moreover, once you have cleaned the surfaces, make sure that you take care of them.

Clean them regularly and removes the dust and residue from time to time. This practice will keep the interior clean. Additionally, use the comet cleaner once or twice a month. You can repeat the same steps to clean the kitchen and other surfaces in homes and offices.

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